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Tressa Rau

Tressa is the owner and founder of Rau Designs, and a certified badass on a dirt bike. Whether she's pulling holeshots at the track, or schooling her son Jett at home, the company wouldn't be what it is today if she hadn't put her heart and soul into it from the beginning.

tressa and jett.jpg

Justin Rau

Justin is the glue that holds this company together. When he's not laid up with a broken... something; you can find him out on the track whoopin' up on the youngsters or back at the campsite wrenching on the family's bikes. When it's not race day, you can find him in the office doing whatever it takes to keep the company going strong, and get our customers the final products they deserve.


Devin Heinle


More often than not, Devin can be found behind his computer screen designing and printing projects in the office. When he's not in the office, you'll either find him at a campsite somewhere, or at home working on his 3D printers or costuming projects.  

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