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Rau DeSigns, INC Terms of Service


• As of 5/21/2020, all credit and debit card transactions will incur a 3.5% transaction fee. 

• Cash and check are also accepted forms of payment, and will not include the 3.5% transaction fee.

• Payment must be received before the following will be done;

• Design proofs are released to the customer for personal use.

• Approved graphics are sent to print/cut.

• Finance charges will be added to unpaid invoices.


• Projects will not be printed until you have carefully checked over the given proof, and emailed or called in the approval. Check for any corrections, including spelling, and make sure all numbers are correct. 

• Do not assume your graphics are in the process of being printed if you haven't replied to the proof email.

• Rau DeSigns is not responsible for errors after projects have been approved. 


• Requests for the release of logos or designs for services other than those that we provide are subject to a set-up or release fee depending on whether the design and/or logo had been paid for at the time of commission.


Rau DeSigns, INC reserves the right to deny service to anyone for any reason, including, but not limited to;

• Past issues with receiving payment.

• Disrespectful treatment of employees.

• Disrespectful treatment of company name.

• Rau DeSigns, INC also reserves the right to terminate the working relationship with any clients for the same reasons listed above.

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